Warren Ellis To Take On ‘Secret Avengers’ With Jamie McKelvie.

Omega Level favorite Warren Ellis is taking on six issues of ‘Secret Avengers’ starting With August’s #16, and I’m fucking stoked. Here’s Ellis explaining it himself.

Right now, I’ve signed on for six issues. What I said to Tom was, I’ll do six, and if I’ve irretrievably fucked up the deadlines at that point, I’ll bail out and he can get someone more professional to take over. If nothing else, I’ve got a lot of stuff to do this summer — I have another announcement on the 11th (moved from the 8th) — and this book shouldn’t suffer from that. If I screw up, I leave of my own accord after six.

The stories are going to be self-contained, described as something like  A HYPERCOMPRESSED 22 PAGE ACTION STORY, with me paraphrasing and adding caps lock for full thunder. The first artist aboard is going to be Jamie McKelvie, who is fucking awesome.

I’m pumped.