Sony Gets Access To GeoHot’s PayPal Account; LOL Son!

I was amused by GeoHot for a bit. Dude stole the PS3’s soul when he made public to the world its root key. However, then the dude went all retarded issuing rap disses and stuff or whatever. Since then I’ve been clamoring to see him publicly pimp-slapped by an ace team of Sony roboninjas. Today I have gotten one step closer to having my wish fulfilled.

Sony was given access to GeoHot’s PayPal records.


A federal magistrate has authorized Sony to subpoena PayPal for information about California-based funds sent to accounts associated with PS3 jailbreaker George “GeoHot” Hotz, reports Wired’s Threat Level blog. The US District Court ruling in San Francisco is the latest development in a jurisdiction dispute to decide whether Sony can proceed with its lawsuit against Hotz in California or must instead do so in Hotz’s home state of New Jersey.

Sony alleges that Hotz received donations for his PS3 hack from Northern California residents (via PayPal), and, if true, the evidence could bolster Sony’s case to keep the case in San Francisco court. In a court order, Magistrate Joseph Spero defined the “limited information” that PayPal could be ordered to present as “documents sufficient to identify the source of funds in California that went into any PayPal account associated with [email protected] for the period of January 1, 2009, to February 1, 2011.”

Additionally, Judge Spero ordered Hotz to consent to Sony obtaining all of his tweets dating back to Jan. 1, 2009 and to appear in California for a deposition relating “solely” to the jurisdiction matter (with Sony paying for his “reasonable” expenses).

I think the important and inconsistent lesson I’ve learned here about myself is this: I think it’s one thing to hack things and totally go Zero Cool on motherfuckers. But when you start acting the fool and rapping about how awesome you are for doing so, I want your butt probed with wiffleball bats.