New Proof Earth Life Came From Space. Sick.

Knock knock! What’s that? Oh, it’s just new evidence that life on Earth may have been carried to our glorious Marble by some fucking runaway asteroid. The concept of this happening is either enough to give you a Carl Sagan boner, or to point at the sky and say, “Yes, something is definitely up there.”


New research adds more weight to the claim that the lifeless Earth may have been helped in the right direction by a stray asteroid. Carbon-containing meteorites found in the Antarctic have nitrogen locked away inside them. And when these meteorites are treated with heat, pressure and water, they emit ammonium – which the researchers argue was the precursor to complex biomolecules that formed the first single-celled creatures.

The exciting part? The nitrogen found in the meteorites is measurably different from any found on the Earth. If this hunk of rock isn’t our ancient parent, it shows that one like it could very well have been.

Of course it’s all conjecture and stipulating. Still though, it gives me a chubby.