Duncan Jones’ ‘Moon’ Gets A Hip-Hop Concept Album Based On It.

Duncan Jones’ Moon is one of my favorite movies of the last five years. Jones dared to riff on Blade Runner and 2001 with gorgeous visuals and a haunting soundtrack by Clint Mansell. Max Tannone, the dude behind Jaydiohead and more took Mansell’s score and decided to rock out a hip-hop album to the riffs. The vocals are provided by Richard Rich.

Tannone Talks about The Project:

I saw this movie, loved it, and thought the original soundtrack written by Clint Mansell was great as well. Each track samples a song from the film’s score. To complete Selene, I teamed up with Brooklyn rap artist Richard Rich to provide the lyrics. His raps include themes like isolation, separation, self-realization, and cloning.

It’s pretty fucking dope.

Selene by Max Tannone