Diablo III Originally Took Place In Heaven; Here’s Some Screens.

If there’s a God – and there’s probably not – we’ll be playing Diablo III this year. I’ve been sweating this game since the first expansion pack for Diablo 2. There’s been a fucking ten year dry spell.  I need more Diablo III, and I need it now. What the fuck has taken so long? We may finally have an answer. This week, shit has leaked out regarding a canceled iteration of DIII.


Blizzard North’s vision for the third entry hewed closely to the previous entry in visual tone as the series made the jump from 2D to 3D graphics.

More than a dozen screen shots of an early version of Diablo III shows three environments: Keep, Angelic Lands and Heaven. In Heaven, it appears the player was destined to run into some familiar Archangels, with an appearance by Tyrael.

As for the class of the character, it appears to be a fighter equipped with sword and shield, with a style that reminds us of the Paladin or a Crusader.

Hit the jump for a shitfuckton of screens from this Diabortion.