Is This The First Set Shot From The Dark Knight Rises?

[Note: I wrote this up last night, thought it was too sensationalist, and then discarded it. But then legit places starting pimping it, and if they do, why shouldn’t hits-needy places like OL be a whore as well? Lesson learned: always be a whore.]

Fair warning: The Brother Omega have a aching purple priapism for the forthcoming third Batman flick by Christopher Nolan. It rages within our collective pants, beating against the confines of cotton and denim and zippers. So if you can’t hang with that, you’re going to be doing a lot of scrolling in the next fifteen months or so.

I’m going to be fapping over everything. Like this: a purported first set shot from the film. Shit doesn’t even have to be confirmed for me to get excited about it. This possibly, maybe, could be, a set picture. The elaboration on the origination of this possible picture comes from Nolan Fans:

A photo popped up on the JoBlo forums today of what appears to be the set for Arkham Asylum in  The Dark Knight Rises. The poster says, “my good mate who is working on set at cardington where it’s being shot sent me this.”   Not quite sure how legit this is, but we’re figured it’s worth a share. Perhaps it’s just a left over set from  Batman Begins?

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Enlarge. | Via.