Spider-Man Joining The Fantastic Four In “Future Foundation.” [F4 Spoilers]

Spider-Man is joining the Fantastic Four in Future Foundation, the title effectively replacing F4 in the Marvel line. Let’s talk more after the break, where the dying member of the F4 will be exposed. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Goddammit, I love those fucking costumes. They have that minimalist bullshit that appeals to me and my generation of Apple-whores and i-colytes. That’s the first thing I thought of when peeping this promo. What exactly is the premise of Future Foundation?

Marvel Comics announced on Wednesday the first details of the March-debuting  FF #1, the series effectively replacing  Fantastic Four in the company’s publishing line. “FF” stands for “Future Foundation” (a concept introduced previously in writer Jonathan Hickman’sFantastic Four run) with Spider-Man joining with Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Thing and “some top secret members” to save the Marvel Universe from the biggest threats. As previously announced, the creative team of Hickman and artist Steve Epting will carry over to  FF.

Fucking love it. Fucking. Love it. Hickman has been teasing the Future Foundation for a while now in F4, and its finally getting geared up to the next level. Richards has been obsessed with solving everything, and the scope of the stories in his F4 have been increasingly enormous. I couldn’t be more down with this concept. Think big, interact multi-dimensionally. Richards and a team of people tackling ideological concepts and threats on an enormous scale is refreshing to me.

Thanatos trashing Hell’s Kitchen? Eh. But going large, going cosmic, addressing concepts of Kantian and Hegelian philosophy while punching World Eaters in the face? I’m there man.