Dude Steals $12 Million In Online Cash From Farmville Creators.

Forget farming for gold in World of  Warcraft to transmute online currency into real-time bucks, this dude has it figured out. Ashley Mitchell took on the Gaming Gods and won. Sort of. Momentarily. Mitchell became my hero when he hacked “into a Zynga server, running  popular online card game Zynga Poker” and stole    400 fucking billion of their online betting chips. This man is all sac. The official worth of these chips? A cool $12 million dollars.

Outside of the techno-realm, the worth of these chips is considerably reduced to $300,000. But still, $300,000 is a lot of god damn money. Unfortunately for Mitchell, the dude could only offload a third of those chips, and so it seems he’s going to jail having only been able to parlay his insane Kessel Run into $100,000. Still though. Guy’s awesome.