Opening To The Wolverine Anime Is Awesome. AWESOME.

Until today, I had completely forgotten that there was a Wolverine anime in the works. This is nigh heretical, since it was written by my lord and saviour, Warren Ellis. The show debuted in Japan last week, and the first episode was centered around when  the “New York-based Wolverine discovers that his missing girlfriend Mariko is being held hostage in Tokyo by her father, who happens to be a nasty old crime lord!”


What’s even better than that? The fucking opening intro. It has everything a geek like me needs. First: it has Wolverine. Already awesome. Then it has a chick in latex. Double awesome. Finally: it has ridiculously sick power metal riffage and noodling tying the entire intro together.  If you don’t feel your glands swell from this, there’s a pretty good chance I hate you.

Hit the jump for the video.