Steve Wiebe Loses Donkey Kong Record!…To A Plastic Surgeon?

And then there were three! Meet Hank Chien! The good sir was previously glossed over back in August, known as the “guy Billy Mitchell beat to reclaim the Donkey Kong score.” Apparently Chien isn’t messing around though, and he’s definitely fucking up my extended metaphors. If Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell are the video game world’s Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, who the fuck is Chien?

Well, it doesn’t matter.

‘Cause the dude has taken the throne from the two of them.

According to Slashfilm, Twin Galaxies “has officially counted plastic surgeon Hank Chienā€˜s 1,068,000 point high score, and have named Chien the current record holder.” Boom, headshot! Now it’s time for Mitchell and Wiebe to team-up, and defeat this challenger! Enemies, sworn in blood to hate one another, must combine their powers to defeat this rogue challenger!

For the galaxy!

And my metaphors!