Here’s Some Concept Art From The Upcoming Battlestar Galactica Prequel: Blood and Chrome

I’m currently in the “it could be fucking awesome!” portion of my oscillating opinion on the BSG prequel, Blood and Chrome. If it’s a high quality production tackling Billy Adama and the first Cylon War? Goodness gracious, it could be terrific.

Miss out on my earlier article about Blood and Chrome? Here you go:

Blood and Chrome takes place 20 years after Caprica and about 40 years before Battlestar Galactica.

Writer of the script Michael Taylor elaborates:

This is very much an action-adventure, war series. This is definitely dealing with people who are fighting the fight. … As you hope ‘Battlestar’ would do, it kind of comments on that process a little bit… but not in a preachy way, not in an issues-oriented way, not in a hitting-you-over-the-head way.

Hit the jump for some concept art from the upcoming series, which is slated to hit in late 2011 or early 2012.