An Xbox 360 Exploding In Slow Motion. It’s Awesome. [Video.]

Some people have dope fucking jobs. Photographer Dan Saelinger was tasked by Fortune Magazine to come up with a shoot based around the concept of gaming’s demise. Dan elaborates on his blog:

We came up with a concept to incorporate still and video footage of exploding consoles and controllers, particularly Xbox 360′s, for the story. The shoot took place at a pyrotechnics studio in Brooklyn called J and M Special Effects. The location was great because they have a permanent NYC explosives permit as well as a pyrotechnician on staff. Below is a behind the scenes video of the initial set up.

The result is gorgeous. Hit the jump for a video of an Xbox 360 exploding in slow motion. For PS3 fanboys, it’s probably orgasmic. To me it’s just very, very cool.