Mark Wahlberg To Star In Uncharted Movie? What is going on?

Mark Wahlberg as Nathan Drake? Fucking gross. Mind you, this isn’t coming from some hater of Marky Mark. I dig the dude. Boogie Nights? Check. I Heart Huckabees? Check. Meanwhile, roles of Nathan’s Dad and Uncle are being written into the movie. ‘Cause they sure ain’t in the game. The roles of Uncle and Father? DeNiro and Pesci. No, seriously.


“Hopefully we’ll be making that movie this summer,” actor Mark Wahlberg tells MTV, talking about the Uncharted movie he’s planning with writer/director David O. Russell. Wahlberg would be Uncharted hero Nathan Drake. “DeNiro would be my father.”

Nathan Drake’s dad and uncle are not characters in the Uncharted games – though the mentor character Sully is who maybe could be an uncle or dad kind of guy. Then again, one doubts Nathan Drake will die 45 times and have to wait for a PlayStation 3 firmware update in his movie. Cinema is not video games.

Simply not feeling this shit at all. Thoughts? Impressions? Hit the comments box. Let’s get fucking interactive.