International Space Station Gets Sexy Shots of The Dark Earth

Make no mistake, our Earth is part of the cosmos that I continually wank to. And make no mistake, the Earth, and all its denizens (you and me) have created a pretty light show with all our modern technologies and demon-bulbs burning brightly. Recently, the International Space Station captured such sexiness.

Space Fellowship via io9:

From 220 miles above Earth, one of the Expedition 25 crew members on the International Space Station took this night time photo featuring the bright lights of Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt on the Mediterranean coast. The Nile River and its delta stand out clearly as well. On the horizon, the airglow of the atmosphere is seen across the Mediterranean. The Sinai Peninsula, at right, is outlined with lights highlighting the Gulf of Suez and Gulf of Aqaba.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous stuff. Hit the jump to check out their pictures.