New Batman: Arkham City Screens Feature Gratuitous Cat Cleavage. [You’ll Fap.]

Hell fuckin’ yeah, I’m looking forward to Arkham City. I dug the fuggin fug out of the original. Even if it lost steam and seemed to shoot its load far before the finale. Eh, what can you do? Seems to be a common problem with video games in the past year or so – I’m looking at you, Uncharted 2, and God of War III.

Today, these screens dropped, and they’re god damn gorgeous.

I’ve come to realize that Arkham Asylum/City is a haven for latex erotica. Every screen seems to be filled with some sort of rubber suiting, and gratuitous shots of tits. Must be why all of us damn perverts love it so much. Hit the jump to check out the screens. Lube up, party down!