XBOTS Shit Their Pants As Bungie Goes Multiplatform While Sony Cackles


For years, Xbox fanboys have clung to Bungie. The studio has severed as a legit binkie for all sorts of choads and dickwads to use in their PS3 vs 360 argument. Now all that shit is going to change. With Bungie leaving Microsoft and signing a deal with Activision, the motherfuckers who made fat dudes and dorks ejaculate onto their Halo 3 Ridiculous Edition Spartan Helmet are going multiplatform. You can almost hear the screams of the legions of unwashed masses.

So how about Sony, who is obviously going to let Bungie slither into their disc tray with a grand smile. How are those fuckers feeling? Fucking fantastic:

via destructoid:

Sony isn’t shy about hyping up the prospect, either, declaring that putting a Bungie game on the PS3 would be akin to giving Halo steroids — essentially saying that the black box o’ Blu-ray will make Bungie’s games far better than they ever could be on the Xbox 360.

“Congrats to Bungie,” beams Sony. “Marrying their creative minds and incredible talent to the power of PS3 will be like giving PS3 fans Halo on steroids.”

Hilarious. I can almost see the XBOTS’ skullpieces fucking Red Ringing. I’m interested to see what this is going to do for Microsoft and Sony, and if the House that Bill Gates Built will do anything to respond.