Joss Whedon Looks To Be Directing The Avengers. I Can Feel the Whedonites Orgasming

The Avengers

Let’s get this out of the way. I thought Dollhouse was a steaming ball of fuckhate. But I like Joss Whedon. A lot. Not as much as some of the people I’ve seen, who build monuments to him out of their own pubic hair and ripped-up Firefly t-shirts they lost their virginity in. But I do. And I was pretty worried about the Avengers movie, so hearing that he’s probably going to be directing it? I am gladdened by it.

via slashfilm

On April Fool’s Day, IESB   had the bad timing to report that Joss Whedon   was on the shortlist to direct The Avengers for Marvel. Really bad timing for that scoop – while Whedon is the sort of guy a lot of fans would like to see on this film, there was too much reason to be skeptical when it ran on April 1. The LA Times confirmed that shortlist a few days later, but even then it was tough to tell if the studio   was serious, or just spitballing in the same way it seemed to do with the Captain America casting.Either way, things are evidently serious now, as there’s a report that Whedon is in final talks to direct the film.

I can only imagine the amount of fluids being excreted by fanboys and fangirls if this shit comes to consummation.