Oh Shit! Agent Smith Cast As The Red Skull In Captain America


Snap! Hugo Weaving has been cast as The Red Skull in the Captain America movie. Let me blast your tits with an analogy. This casting decision is as awesome as casting Jim from The Office as Steve Rogers would have been fucking awful. Take that to your Miller’s Analogies test. I dig on Weaving, the dude has owned my soul as Agent Smith, V from V For Vendetta, and as that Elf Guy whose name I won’t attempt to type from Lord of the Rings.

I tried to discuss this with my friend Andrew, and he went into such a blind rage about this casting being typecasting that I wanted to massage his testicles through the interwebz. I love you Andrew, it’s going to be okay. I’m fine with the casting, since I want The Red Skull to be some creepy, booming-voiced Nazi motherfucker. He’s got the sort of mug that screams “I’m creepy”, and his aforementioned voice is perfectly down for epic proclamations and monologuing, which we know all good villains must do at some point.

This is a total +50 to anticipation for the movie, and the first time I’ve been like, oh shiznit, this flick could work.