Fallout 2 Featured Womb Kicking? Amazing.


Found this over at Kotaku thanks to a friend. This was a a status that was legitimately considered for Fallout 2. Amazing.

Via Kotaku

Yeah … we can see why that was cut from the game and replaced instead with the “Hated” reputation icon. Just in case it’s not clear to you that Vault Boy’s kicking mom in the womb, that gown helpfully indicates baby’s on board. I don’t think you’ll go to hell for laughing at this – but you will if you imagine it accompanied by a Looney Tunes kettle drum sound, like I did.

“Childkiller” was not a frivolous or even a desirable thing in Fallout 2. You got the status if you killed a kid, even accidentally, and for some characters it wasn’t obvious the game considered them children. Even without offensive art this capability was too controversial for consoles, so in Fallout 3 you couldn’t even attack a child character.

Sometimes even I am amazed by something’s offensive qualities. Well done.