Theatrical Avatar Trailer Features Crappy Dialogue, Lame Looking Natives, Sexy Visuals


This blog opened up with an AVATAR post, so I suppose it makes sense that I follow the movie. The theatrical trailer has hit the interwebz and well? Yeah, well! I don’t know. I can imagine people who have been frothing over this like it was the equivalent of their Bayonetta are going to be dissapointed. It doesn’t look like the second coming of, you know, anything. That said, I think it’s got some potential. I’ve soured on the look of the natives after realizing I’m expected to emotionally connect with them. And the dialogue, intelligently removed from the teaser, makes it seem like George “Shitty Dialogue From A Washed-Up Fuckface” Lucas had his hand in it.

That said, the visuals are bonerfying, and this is all without it being in 3D. Check it out for yourself after the jump.