Uncharted 2 Impressions: Drake Is Crash Bandicoot With Better Hair


Just got through with the portion where you’re escorting Elena’s cameraman Jeff through a rain soaked war zone. It’s at this point where I’ve begun to severely despise Chloe. Maybe it’s because she has a cunty British accent and she wants to leave everyone for dead, but I’d like Drake to throw her down a flight of stairs into some voodoo pit.

I love how Naughty Dog harken back to their roots in this game. No, not to Way of the Warrior. Rather, with the Crash Bandicoot scenes. You know the ones, where you’re running towards the screen with insanity chasing after you. However, instead of being mauled down by a boulder it’s dudes with shotguns and helicopters firing their rockets at your sexy ass. Nathan Drake is Crash Bandicoot with much better hair, who male and female alike secretly lust after. Yeah, I lusted after Crash too, but I’m a closet furry.