The Conclusion to Old Man Logan Will Make You Snikt Yourself

PIle of Hero Death

Old Man Logan‘s conclusion is the stuff that legend shall be built upon. I’m planning on writing up a big deconstruction and essay about the storyline for Friday, but I had to type something. Like, I had to. Sitting in my mancave reading this comic to myself, I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. Huge, filthy laughs of disbelief and amazement. The conclusion redefines the term Berserker Rage. Seriously. You have no god damn idea.

If you haven’t read Old Man Logan, you owe it to yourself as a comic book fan. I don’t care if you hate Marvel, Wolverine, or cool things. You simply need to. At its most juvenile it’s a bloodbath of immeasurable beauty. At its most intellectual it cracks open and peers inside the guts of hope, the superhero soul, and the character of the fractured idealist, Wolverine. It’s got the certain wow-factor that has me running around having to vomit up nonsensical exposition about it just to calm myself down.