Alison Brie shares ‘GLOW’ season 2 set photo. It is a welcome neon light in these dark times

alison brie glow season 2 set photo

GLOW may be my damn favorite piece of 2017 pop culture. It had everything, my friends. Took place in the 1980s, centered on wrestling, starred Alison Brie, and was packed with insight and pathos. Now the gang seems to be back together, on that filming the second season grind.


It’s been a couple of months since Netflix announced that their women’s wrestling comedy GLOW is definitely getting a Season 2, and even though it won’t be out till 2018, we’re already pretty excited.

If you haven’t watched it yet (and you really should, GLOW stars Alison Brie as a struggling actress who becomes a wrestler, and Betty Gilpin as the estranged former best friend who becomes her in-ring rival. Also on hand are Mark Maron as the sleazy director, Britney Young as a lovable second-generation giant, Britt Baron as a young punk rocker, Jackie Tohn as a party girl with an edge, and even Alex Riley himself, as an indie wrestler with some advice to offer.

Season 2 starting shooting this week, and no details to speak of have been released yet. But today, Alison Brie teased us all with this post to her Instagram account.
Obviously that’s Betty Gilpin in full costume and makeup as her character’s wrestling persona, Liberty Belle. Brie herself appears to be in her own street clothes—those shoes, at least, are definitely not from the 1980s—but she’s unmistakably wearing the makeup and hair of Zoya the Destroyer, her faux-Soviet heel character. Only Bull Nakano herself could compete with Zoya when it comes to hair elevation.