First Look: Russell Crowe in Aronofsky’s ‘NOAH’, dude looks rough. Like Russell Crowe.

The world has been given a first look of Russell Crowe as Noah, and the dude looks about the same. About! The same.

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So, how soon is it to start marketing? If you’re the folks over at Paramount, one year and eight months or so seems to be nothing, as just weeks after cameras started rolling on Darren Aronofsky‘s “Noah,” we’re now getting our first look at the Biblical epic.

USA Today has the first official snap that features an appropriately rugged Russell Crowe getting his Bible on. And judging by the pic, he isn’t yet riding out the flood. But as it’s been made very clear, this won’t be your Sunday School version of the story. Already set to feature some kind of wingless angel demons, the movie will also contain giants. Yes, literal giants. Aronofsky has been tweetingrecently about a character/creature named Og. The folks over at Patheos have provided a bit of background, revealing that Og was the King Of Bahan, and part of the Rephaim, a race of giants in the Bible. According to Jewish folklore, Noah built a special compartment in the Ark for him and/or he rode out the flood by sitting on the top. Either way, we’ll see how Og will make an appearance, but it’s another interesting note to a movie that is playing as much with myth and legend as it is with the elements of the standard story we know.