‘EXCITABLE LIEFELD’ Site Charts Rob Liefeld’s Use Of Exclamation Points On Twitter. Brilliant.

Ben Tripp has mastered the internet. You see Tripp has noticed something in regards to Rob Liefeld. Not only is Rob Liefeld the master of pouches, straps, enormous guns, and Zombie Christ, but Tripp noticed he’s also excitable. Like Caff-Pow levels of bananas. He’s gone on to create a website that tracks this excitement by measuring the amount of exclamation points Cable’s Daddy is using on Twitter.

Comics Alliance:

It is impossible to deny that the enduringly popular comic book creator and Image Comics co-founder  Rob Liefeld  is a passionate man, especially when it comes to the subject of his chosen field. Liefeld’s fervor for the medium and its surrounding industry manifests in many forms, most obviously in the name of his own publishing enterprises, Extreme Studios and Awesome Comics, and most recently as an endlessly provocative  Twitter feed. Whether hyping his books like DC’s  The Savage Hawkman(“Of all the DC books I’m working on, I’d recommend Hawkman above all”), evangelizing the work of his peers on the revivals of Extreme-owned properties like  Prophet  (“It is brilliant”), excoriating comics journalists (“You are a complete douche bag”), or taunting the timidity of Hollywood (“Find your balls”), Rob Liefeld is always excited.

Being an excited person, Rob Liefeld has been known to employ a preponderance of exclamation points. Little did the cartoonist know that this activity was being catalogued by  Ben Tripp  at  Excitable Liefeld, a website that offers  charts, graphs and real-time tracking  of Rob Liefeld’s use of exclamation points on Twitter.

Because the Twitter API is frustratingly limited (ever try to retrieve your really old tweets? You can’t), Excitable Liefeld has only been able to analyze just over 10,000 Liefeld tweets. Nevertheless, the results jibe scientifically with Liefeld’s hyperactive idiom. More than 42% of the cartoonist’s tweets contain exclamation points — many times, more than once. Indeed, it appears Liefeld has transmitted as many as 1,200 tweets that contain at least two exclamation points, and even one tweet that contained as many as 27.

As worth a task that has ever been venture don the Inter-Webs.