‘Diablo III’ Senior Producer Quit. JESUS CHRIST F**K NUTS.

Diablo III. The unicorn whose horn I need deep, deep, deep inside of me continues to elude. Sitting in the shadows. Last week it was announced shit balls of core systems were getting gutted. Balls! Slithering balls! Then the game’s senior producer quit. WTF, mate.

Tom’s Hardware:

On January 20, Diablo 3 Senior Producer  Steve Parker announced via Twitter  that he’s no longer working at Blizzard or on the upcoming PC game. Without specifying a reason for his departure, Parker added that he had a great 5 years working at the studio, and that “those guys are going to [do a great job] with Diablo [3].”

Later on via Twitter, Parker made references to “bigger and better things” and said that he’ll announce what he’s doing next through the social website. Yet he still didn’t mention anything about his reasons for departure this late in the game’s development. That said, eyes are now looking to game director Jay Wilson’s official update made on Friday.

As specified in his update last week, the team is  making changes to Diablo 3’s core systems  based on feedback by internal testing and those participating in the closed  beta  test. These changes include removing the Scroll of Identification, removing the Mystic artisan, removing the Cauldron of Jordan and the Nephalem Cube, and more. Thanks to the update, all previous speculation that  the  game  was nearing completion was suddenly kicked out the door.

“While working on Diablo 3 we’ve been called out for messing around with systems too much, that the game is good as-is and we should just release it,” Wilson said. “I think that’s a fair argument to make, but I also think it’s incorrect. Our job isn’t just to put out a game, it’s to release the next Diablo game.”

So what happened to Parker? Did he get fed up and simply quit his job? We’ll likely not find out until long after the game reaches retail shelves. In the meantime, Blizzard is now  looking for another Senior Producer for Diablo 3 here.

“The Diablo III team is looking for a highly organized individual with outstanding communication, andproject  management skills,” reads the job description. “The ideal candidate has prior experience in game development, and has a keen knowledge of how each discipline operates and interacts. Self-direction and follow-up skills are a must, as well as the ability to anticipate  production  issues, and find effective solutions. The candidate must enjoy seeing a project from inception to completion and delivering games on time with the highest quality.”

Swear words.