Loeb and McGuiness Reveal ‘Avengers: X-Sanction’. Cable, Guns, Dumb.

I don’t want Jeph Loeb writing anything ¬†anymore. I know it sounds disrespectful, but I dread his work. A decade ago I would have swooned at the idea that he’s writing a Cable/Avengers crossover, now I’m just interested in a car crash sort of manner. Cable! He died. Somehow. Cable! He’s back. And he is looking as ludicrous on this side of Liefeld as you could imagine. Just look at the promo. Look at that gun. It’s enormous, and more importantly even disregarding its size it looks dumb. Man I’m cranky and hating.

So what’s the event about?


Loeb revealed the project is called “Avengers: X-Sanction,” the official title of the previously-announced “Cable Reborn.”

“‘X-Sanction’ is sort of the starting gun or the opening flare” for events coming up throughout the Marvel U, Brevoort said. Loeb added, “Ed and I were looking for, as we like to say, the next big thing, and I think a lot of folks who know my work know I have an enormous affection for Cable and not just his role in the X-Men universe but his role in the Marvel Universe proper.” He also said he was “devastated” by Cable’s death.

“I always saw Cable as the Captain America of the X-Men universe,” Loeb said, a soldier out of his own time striving to help people.

He said McGuinness can convey “the Kirby power” inherent in Cable, noting that an important part of Cable’s character is tempering power with heart. The heart of Cable’s return will focus on the idea of “what do you do if you think something’s going to happen to your daughter” — Hope, of course, was raised by Cable, before Nathan Summers sacrificed himself.


Regarding parallels with Bishop, the former hero who spent years hunting Cable and Hope because he believed his actions justified, Loeb said there are resonances but one difference is “we’re seeing Cable up against characters we don’t usually see him with.” He added that, unlike “Messiah Complex” set in the X-Men universe, “this is set squarely in the middle of the Marvel universe,” playing on a broader board.

“There are also real comparisons with Tony Stark, Iron Man. He sees himself as a futurist; what does that mean when he’s up against someone from the future. Tony Stark knows what it’s like to have his body betray him; Nathan Summers has spent his entire life with the Techno Organic Virus,” Loeb said. As a result of such pairings, adversaries may understand each other better than they understand themselves.

Not feeling it. Also in the same CBR thinly-veiled-advertising-propaganda-turned-‘news story’ McGuiness said that Cable can ‘never have a big enough gun’. Yes, yes he can. I’m tired of Cable as a time-traveling angsty 1990’s vomit-a-tron reject. I don’t dismiss the character outright. In fact, I would love to see a storyline that focuses on him and his father. You know, Cyclops. Will someone take the time to humanize the guy. He’s a Terminator reject that keeps popping up to save someone, prevent some timeline, whatever.

Next! Next. Next.