Monday Morning Commute: Father Forgive Me

Father forgive me, because I do know what I do! Mainly, I fling profanities and fluids with a carelessness that must be condemned and appreciated. You know? Oh, you fucking know! Seriously though, I had to riff one last time on 30 Coins before its season finale this week. Mamma mia, what a really, really, really fun fucking show. Sad to see it go, glad to have experienced it, quietly wondering if we are going to get a second season.

But that wild, wonderful show about secret sects, spider babies, forbidden gospels, and hot, hot people ain’t the only thing I’m enjoying this week. In fact, I got a whole fucking list of shit I’m digging this week! Double in fact, I’m about to reveal that list to you! Open your eyes! Open your mind! Open your ass! Bask in the infinity of my hobbies and interests! Scream, as said list shears mind from common sense. Scream, as said list condemns you to an oblivion only previously thought theoretical.

Then, my friend! Coalesce into a changed, and humbled person. With eyes, mind, and ass open! Then, my friend! Join me in the comments section with your own list of hobbies for the week! Together, we can transcend the fatal banality of modern living! Or, perhaps! Perhaps, we will roll together in its slop. I’m not sure which one is accurate, but I do know one thing. I wish to share in it with you.

This is Monday Morning Commute!


.Video Games, Games, Games

I must confess that I’m feeling particularly uninspired lately when it comes to video games. For months, nay, eons, I had sweat Control: Ultimate Edition. I thought our reunion would be magic. But, I’m just sort of going through the motions? I don’t know! That said, I think my dick will harden when I finally get to the DLC. I haven’t played it before, so that’ll be novel.

As well, Dead Cells is always fun as fuck. You know, even when I’m getting my ass kicked. My psyche shattered. But, I think we’re going to begin rocking some Symphony of the Night soon. The delay? We need to snag ourselves a fucking capture card. Stay tuned! Better yet, bother Bags about it!



Meanwhile, I’m just sitting and drooling, staring at the Boob Tube. Not the Boob Tube that our own Seth is drooling at, I imagine. Ha! How is that for a joke? No, no! But a Boob Tube all the same. As I spoke on previously, 30 Coins is sadly wrapping up this week. Boo! Fucking boo! What a fucking ride it’s been though. Haven’t had this much fun in a wet, hot minute!

At the same time, Sam and I are watching Demon Slayer. It’s a wonderful little anime. Fun fights. The usual “coming of age” happy horseshit that is at once both so typical, and so rewarding.



Making my way through IT. You know, the eternal fucking groove. But I’m clearly having fun, as evinced through my dramatic reading of its prose on Saturday during the stream. Legit, who knows. Maybe this time next week I’m finally done. At the least, I’ll be close to it. The novel itself is wonderful, and hitting at a wild time in my life. King was 37 or so when he wrote it. I’m 37 or so when I’m reading it. The characters are 37 or so within it. And while the novel certainly deals with cosmic horror and monsters, it’s really a maudlin novel about childhood, growing up, and the trauma of both. It resonates with me particularly well, given my own reflections upon mortality and my place in It All as of late.

I really, really like it.


A.L.I.S.O.N - subtract


I’ve been listening to a lot of A.L.I.S.I.O.N lately. Definitely a dreamwave delight. Takes me to outer-space in a honeyed cocoon. As well, Memorex Memories has been delivering the sort of of soothing, comforting lullaby upon the gilded wings of synth. Both were hot for me during the initial stages of the pandemic last year, and they’re making their way back into my musical rotation. Maybe there’s something about the dregs of winter that has me looking towards more soothing tunes.


That’s it for me, my friends. What the fuck are you up to this week? Let’s hang out.