Weekend Open Bar: Wandering Visions of Spring

Is it Spring yet? ‘Cause I have visions of it, my dudes. My mind wanders as I drive down the roads, the frozen-ass tundra greeting me. Is this truly the same planet that I mountain biked on, like four months ago? It is, but my does it boggle my rotted-ass synapses. What an odd world, what an odd life, what an odd time. Yet, with each passing day, those motherfucking trails get closer. Day by day, minute by minute, the glorious summer dusk bike rides are closer to their return.

Until then, though? I’m snuggled up to the hearth here on the Space-Ship Omega. Hanging out with you pricks here, at the Open Bar! Tell me, what are you folks doing this weekend? How are you beating back the frost-riddled existence? Watching someĀ WandaVision? Playing someĀ World of Warcraft?

Tell me! Anything! Anything! Grab an oat soda, kick up your feet, and let’s spend some time together!

This is Weekend Open Bar!