Monday Morning Commute: It’s Sweatpants Season, Baby!

monday morning commute it's sweatpants season

Hey! You fucks! How are you all doing? During this week of Giving Thanks, amid the most rotten-ass year in memory? How are you all doing? During this week of a Blackest Friday, amid the most rotten-ass year of Fridays in memory? This guy? Truthfully, I’m fucking zonked, dude. My core feels hallowed out, and spread across the astral plane. I exist as a collection of core functions, shambling through the next couple of days. If I can make it to Thursday, I’m golden!

Then? On Thursday? I’m popping on a pair of joggers, pulling up a chair, and just fucking getting gluttonous. Consuming some Thanksgiving feast. Consuming some shitty movies with Bateman. Consuming some Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

I’m really just leaning into the concept of elastic waistbands and corpulence this week.

Tell me, what are your plans this week? Crushing some mashed potatoes? Crushing some Shadowlands? Crushing a backlog of comic books with your free time?

I want to know!

This is Monday Morning Commute, Thanksgiving Week Edition!


[Video Games]

As aforementioned, I’ve been rocking the fuck out of Miles Morales. It’s a damn fine sequel (quasi-sequel?) to the original Spider-Man. More than anything, I appreciate how they stripped the previous game to its bones, and created a much tighter, less bloated experience. As well, I just fuck with Miles more than Peter at this point.

Also: Last weekend, Hades finally gripped me. Loving it. Bags and I are still trying to complete our Hokutu’s Bow/Carbine run in Cells. And this weekend I’m probably diving into the new WoW expansion, Shadowlands.



Some new tunes coming my way, baby! The new Aesop Rock album, Spirit World Field Guide has kept me bopping. I love Ace’s descent into rapping about his own mental health, and travels through the world. Relatable as fuck, for a dude who is always operating on the Razor’s Edge. A couple weeks ago the new Intervals album dropped, and you want to talk a piece of pop culture stripped to the bone? The dude’s album Circadian clocks in at a mere 35-minutes, and it’s all the better for it.

Check out a tune from both albums below!


[The Holidays!]

What a weird to celebrate the holidays, no? Thanksgiving is this week, and it’s only my parents (who I’ve seen all pandemic) and Sam’s mom (who gets tested constantly at work) coming to stuff their faces with us. Clearly, this means I need to consume 400% more in honor of all those who can’t attend. Straight double-forking the mashed potatoes and scalloped potatoes.

Seriously though, definitely bittersweet.

Meanwhile, I think we’re snagging a tree this weekend? Christmas is about a month away, so it ain’t a stretch. However, Sam’s got, uh, a surgery scheduled on Tuesday that’s gonna leave her incapable of lifting anything for two weeks or so. The fuck does that mean? We gotta get that tree up and decorated, bitch!



More than ever, I completely fuck with the idea of weekly television releases. Every Friday, I get a little serving of The Mandalorian. Something to cap off my week in the world of Star Wars. It’s pleasant as fuck! Then after watching, I get to ruminate on that pig, talk about it with friends, and anticipate the next episode. You fucking fat pop culture gluttons are wrong: binging ain’t the way to go.

Additionally, Sam and I started The Queen’s Gambit last night and the hype is warranted. Just a flat-out excellently made show, and I can’t wait to dive into the remainder of the limited series.


That concludes it for me, my friends. However, before I go…two things.

First off, happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Second off, the fuck you up to this week? Let’s hang out!