New ‘James Bond’ game coming from the ‘Hitman’ developers. This sounds potentially awesome, bros

Man! I’m really vibing with this news. Right in my ass-pipe prostate place. The makers of Hitman are bringing a new James Bond game into the world. It’s true, I ain’t fucked with the new Hitman titles. But that shit ain’t out of a lack of interest. Which means, this development may be enough to get me fucking around with the developers.


IO Interactive, the Danish video game studio behind the stealth series Hitman, announced today they’re working on a James Bond game currently titled Project 007.

Here’s the teaser:

It doesn’t reveal much.

Over on IO Interactive’s website, the studio says this game will be an original Bond origin story where players work to achieve Bond’s OO agent status. While Daniel Craig continues to get rich churning out modern James Bond movies, there hasn’t been a new Bond video game since 2012’s incredibly bland 007 Legends.

Project 007’s short description is followed by a recruitment pitch, so I wouldn’t expect this new spy game anytime soon. Meanwhile, Hitman 3 is out January 20 of next year, just two months away.