‘Mass Effect Legendary Edition’ has been rated in Korea. Holy shit, the remasters I’ve been begging for are real

mass effect trilogy remaster rated in korea

More than any remasters, I’ve been wanting some fuckingĀ Mass Effect love for the longest time. And while the remastered trilogy has been more or less confirmed for a while, this is next level. The shit has been rated in Korea. Which you know, couldn’t happen if it weren’t real.

Games Radar:

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition has been rated in Korea, in what might be the best proof yet that the remastered trilogy really exists.

Earlier today on October 14, Gematsu first noticed that the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea had rated a product called the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. You might remember that last month in September, a report claimed that this was the name of the remastered Mass Effect trilogy from EA and BioWare.

Currently, there’s no scheduled release date for the remastered trilogy, nor are there any clues as to a potential release date in the rating from the Korean board. Shortly after the previous report, a follow-up report claimed that the Mass Effect Legendary Edition package had been delayed from late 2020 to early 2021.