‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 Trailer: Wherever I Go, He Goes.

I mean, I was going to heartily and thickly sweat The Mandalorian‘s second season. But this trailer definitely gets the glands juiced a bit earlier than expected.


On Tuesday, Lucasfilm and Disney released a trailer for The Mandalorian’s second season. Fans will soon be able to catch up with the beskar-armored savior and his tiny, Force-sensitive charge. But we also get our first look at a mysterious robed woman lurking in the shadows. And no, it’s not Ahsoka Tano.

The trailer opens on a wide shot of Din Djarin’s surplus starship, the Razor Crest, orbiting a gas giant. Mando’s ship is malfunctioning, its engines barely able to keep it on course and its large cargo ramp flapping in the breeze. With the cabin lights flicker, it’s unclear if he’ll be able to make it to the Earth-like world just over the horizon.

That’s when we hear the voice of the Armorer, his spiritual guide through much of The Mandalorian’s first season.

From here things jump around quite a bit. We see Mando walking through a dark, grim urban environment filled with strange graffiti. The scene shifts to Tatooine, with a Tusken Raider riding a bantha. Then we cut to what looks like a fishing village, and that’s where our mysterious robed woman can be seen lurking in the shadows. It’s hard to make out her face, even in freeze frames captured from the trailer. Disney Plus’ press site identifies her as being played by WWE’s Sasha Banks, but we’ll have to wait to find out more about her role.