Monday Morning Commute: Bring back them CRT Days!

Hard not to feel nostalgic, when the Planet is shuddered, and there’s nowhere to go, right? Also, hard not to feel nostalgic when I’m currently dong-deep in Final Fantasy 7 and classic horror movies, right? Anyways, I’m feel nostalgic as fuck, and old to boot. Nothing gets you thinking of the past like salivating over the remake of your favorite game of all time, and feeling the gravel in your elbows shift every time you try to do a tricep press.

Anyhoo, enough about my lachrymal, romanticized peering into my past! I’m stoked to spend the present with you folks, right here! In the latest edition of Monday Morning Commute! You know, the weekly gathering where we, uh, gather, and share what we’re up to!

I’ll go first, but lord, oh lord, I hope you’ll join me in the comments section!



I don’t know, I’m just fucking burnt out, man. It’s the final week of classes, but there’s an entire week after this shit that involves grading, and tutoring in the Writing Center. I know I should be grateful that I’m still employed — and fuck I promise I am — but goddamn I am running on fumes. I’m going to try my goddamn hardest to rearrange my schedule to get the Thursday and Friday going into Memorial Day weekend off. Alas, maybe then I can suck some mental wind, get uh, my mental lungs back.


After much deliberation on Twitch about the appropriate version to buy, I snagged a copy of the uncut and unabridged The Stand. As I understand it, if I officially enjoy Stephen King, Bags and I become common law married. As well, I made the foolish decision to grab a copy of Lovecraft Country. I’ve been meaning to read it for a while, and I finally threw down for it with the HBO series looming.

Self-aware prediction? I probably never end up reading this shit, or watching the show. Actually, I’ll probably watch the show. But reading? Massaging my synapses? Pfft.


Speaking of that cross-eyed, creepy-ass horror writer from Maine! Bags and I caught the original Pet Sematary over the weekend! Good shit! Not exactly great, but fuck, enough haunting ass moments to keep me entertained. As well, so much better than the fucking remake last year.

Continuing on in my descent into only watching horror and action flicks, I saw The Lodge last night. A goddamn gloriously-shot, haunting-ass movie from the director of Goodnight Mommy. I had been torqued about it prior to the pandemic hitting, the sort of forgot about it. You’ll have to forgive me, as once COVID came down upon us, all I really remembered was hot to eat burritos, take anxiety-powered diarrhea dumps, and the befuddling bosom of insomnia.

Seriously though, I’d recommend it.

[Video Games]

Same old shit, man. Though, not in a bad way. I was able to pump four-or-so hours into Final Fantasy VII remake, and watched as every character wanted to pump into Cloud Strife. Jesus Fuck, is everyone in that game thirsty. I get it, though. I get it. And simultaneously, my Dead Cells obsession rolls on. Will it ever stop rolling? Hard to say! Probably not though, probably not.


How about the titular song of the week! It’s none other than “CRT Days” by Waveshaper. Give in to the synthy, sugary waves, my friends. If that gets you a bit excited, why not burn off them vibes with a “Night Drive” by Mantus! Eh! Eh! See what I did? And, then there’s finally “What Do You Dream About?” by Hello Meteor!


That about covers it for me, my friend! What are you up to this week?