‘Saint Maud’ Trailer: May the lord bless this terrifying religious horror!

Man, I was already sold on Saint Maud from its first trailer. But, now we got another one on this Ash Wednesday! And I’m doubly down, even if I just skimmed the trailer. I wanna preserve the experience! Okay? Fuck!


Saint Maud is bound to be another polarizing horror film from distributor A24. That’s to say it’s going to be beloved by some while others are going to complain that it doesn’t have any jump scares. I’m in the former category – I caught Rose Glass‘s religious nightmare at Fantastic Fest, and it blew me away. In honor of Ash Wednesday, A24 just put out a new Saint Maud trailer, and while it’s effective, it’s also the type of trailer spoiler-phobes might want to avoid.

I’m not as averse to spoilers as some folks, but even I’m a little baffled at this Saint Maud trailer. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a good trailer! It just gives away a pretty big spoiler moment that works so much better if you go into it cold.