Monday Morning Commute: Omega Boys For Life!

monday morning commute omega boys for life

What’s good, friends? It’s a cold as fuck day here along the Northeastern seaboard of the Empire proper! I’m bundled up, hunkered down, and penning this love letter to the distractions that fill my life! To distract me from mortality, working on my syllabus, and other more pressing, but much less enjoyable opportunities.

That is, of course, the modus operandi of Monday Morning Commute.

I go “blah blah blah I’m enjoying these things” in this here post.

Then you go “blah blah blah I’m enjoying these things” in the comments.

What a great time!

No, seriously.


Absolutely Fucking Wild: The Visitor

Our own Pluto made Bateman and me watch this movie over the weekend. It’s absolutely fucking bonkers, and thus I cannot recommend it enough.


A Comfort Food For The Soul: The Outer Worlds

I returned to this game over the past week. Taking a temporary break from Fallen Order, which had me so incensed last week I was trying to break my controller. I only succeeded in hurting my right wrist, though. Don’t get old.


Actually Seeing: Bad Boys For Life

Chalk this up to shit I definitely didn’t expect. After the good reviews, and a willing Bateman, I’m seeing the third installment in the seminal pop culture franchise, Bad Boys. Fuck it. Life’s short, goofy action movies are fun.


Will Never Stop Wanting To Play: Dead Cells

At this point, Dead Cells is an all-time favorite of mine. I thought I had successfully shaken the urge to keep playing it, but as those who watched the stream on Saturday know, I failed. Bateman failed. We failed. Fuck, it’s the best.


Listening And Weeping To: Mac Miller’s Circles

Fuck, what a great, bittersweet coda to the posthumous artist’s career. Jon Brion doing glorious Jon Brion shit, Miller with some heart-wrenching lyrics.

Listen to the titular track right here.


That’s really it for me, my friends. What are you up to this week?