‘Fargo’ Season 4 Trailer: Lookin’ like a wild season set in the 1950s

Oh fuck, the trailer for Fargo‘s fourth season looks fantastic. That’s it, full stop. Ain’t got nothing else to say. Just stoked.

Indie Wire:

Nearly three years will have passed by the time Season 4 of FX’s “Fargo” premieres in April, and audiences should prepare themselves for a version of the series never before seen.

Not only has “Fargo” left the wilds of Alberta to film stateside — in Chicago, specifically — but the season is set firmly in the past, lending the show some period piece bonafides it only flirted with in prior seasons. And it would be remiss to not mention the most significant adjustment to the DNA of the series: the diversification of a cast whose pallor too-often resembled the the snowy fields of winter in Minnesota.

Also, there are so many hats.

“This year, we’re really looking at the origins of the American capital crime, which is the exploitation of cheap labor,” Hawley explained of the upcoming season. “It took a long time for those people working to break into what we consider mainstream America.”

The creator pushed his description of the season a step further, digging into his choice to set the story in the 1950’s.

“The story of any family is the story of America. History is a living thing. The way we keep it alive is to tell stories about it and keep it in our mind and keep it fresh,” he said.