‘The Expanse’ Season 4: The Crew goes through the Ring Gate. What could go wrong?

The Expanse fucking rules. Here’s a trailer for Season 4! However, I ain’t watching it. This is despite having read the books. The authors and writer’s room have done a good job honoring the books, while making refreshing changes. Wanna keep shit fresh! Unspoiled.


Next month brings the return of The Expanse, the show that SyFy axed last spring, but was saved by Amazon for a new season. In season 4, the crew of the Rocinante is being sent through the Ring Gate to explore a new world. A group of refugees has already claimed the planet as their own, and attempts to get the situation under control have failed. Now the crew must figure out how the mission went wrong, and what mysterious power makes the area dangerous for any new inhabitants.