OL Turns Ten-Years Old Today, Goodness Gracious!

ol turns 10

OL turns 10 today. Good god, friends. I knew it was coming, but it’s still incredible to me. Ten fucking years! Ten years.

In some ways, man. Life is exactly the same for me — still absolutely hyped about shit I enjoy, still puerile. Though, I definitely talk about jizz a little less.

In some ways, man. Life is completely different for me. At its inception, I was a starving graduate student with a girlfriend who was too good for me. Using student loans to buy groceries. Now I’m married to said girlfriend, actually got a job. House. A dog. Boring as fuck and loving it. I’m stable! Relatively.

More than anything, I’m grateful-as-fuck for everyone who has ever contributed to the cosmos-spanning madness that is OL. To everyone who has written for OL, who has commented, who has shared or liked an article or meme.

This place has always been and will always be an outlet for me to share what I’m excited about, and those who have participated in my golden retriever-esque tizzies have made it all worthwhile.

Enough blathering.

Thanks once more to all of you fuckers, you make it worthwhile. And, this space-ship shall continue rocketing along so long as I’m overly caffeinated, and video games, movies, and other miscellany make my tits hard. Which means until I finally suffer that fatal fall I’ve been predicting, and my family tosses me in the creek.