Monday Morning Commute: Zen and the Art of Yeehaw Skyrim!

monday morning commute zen and the art of yeehaw skyrim

Eat gator! Jerk off in the woods!  Sweat too much, smell too awfully. Enjoy nature! Curse how it makes your balls smell. Am I talking about my trip to Denver last month? Or am I talking about Red Dead Redemption 2? Why not both, you son of a bitch! Yadda yadda, blah blah. How the fuck are you folks doing? Me? I’m doing a-okay. Sleep late, masturbate. Two of the pillars of my current summer vacation. Life ain’t bad.

I mean, if you can ignore the Arctic melting, and the rise of fascism. But, I have faith you can. Us rot-mouth flesh-bellies have tremendous power to deny forthcoming doom. I imagine that prowess stems from our incessant need to deny our own mortality, and works its way into shuttering our eyes at the very-not-good situation on this planet.

Anyways! Holy fuck, what’s up? Glaze your tits, gaze your eyes, and join me here at Monday Morning Commute.

The impending mortality? The horrors of modern culture?

Why, gloss them over with some distractions. And, share your particular distractions this week!

I’ll go first, fellow meat-bags.


red dead redemption 2

I’m gonna begin my final push towards completing Red Dead Redemption 2. Despite loving it, and playing it for a couple hundred hours, I never put a bow on my campaign. But, I ain’t got a reason to avoid it any longer. I’m coming for you, Yeehaw Skyrim!


bas spilled milk

Been listening a lot to Bas’ latest EP, Spilled Milk 1. Some real pleasant ass tunes.


generation swine

Am I going to continue reading Infinite Detail? Or, am I going to crack and pick-up another HST collection? Specifically, Generation Swine? Stay stuned. Could swing either way this week.


mindhunter season 2

Fuck me sideways. Honestly, fuck me any direction you want. However, just don’t fuck me too long. Cause I’m needing to work my by through GLOW‘s third season. Ideally, before the second season of Mindhunter drops this week! Will I accomplish it in time? Fucking of course not.


scary stories to tell in the dark

Bateman and I checked out Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark on Sunday, and it was fucking enjoyable! We both grew up with the books, and it was pretty dope seeing the tales come to life on the screen. Additionally, the conceit they use to introduce the tales is neat, as is its overarching riffing on the power of stories.


That’s about it! A quiet week, I know. So, give me some of your fucking distractions! Let’s go!