‘I Am Patrick Swayze’ Trailer: A worthy documentary for an Omega Level dude

One of my greatest discoveries over the past few years is how fucking awesome Patrick Swayze’s filmography. From Roadhouse to Point Break. A gorgeous head of hair, and legitimate acting chops. So, is this movie going to rock me? Yup! Am I going to see it? Yup!

Kudos to our own The Dude for bringing this to my attention.

Rolling Stone:

The official trailer for I Am Patrick Swayze, a documentary produced by the Paramount Network on the life and career of the beloved late actor, has arrived. The film airs August 18th at 9 p.m. ET.

I Am Patrick Swayze pays tribute to several of Swayze’s iconic roles, including Johnny Castle from Dirty Dancing, Sam Wheat in Ghost and the drag queen Vida Boheme in To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar. Several of Swayze’s friends and former co-stars — among them Demi MooreSam Elliott, Rob Lowe, Jennifer Grey and Kelly Lynch — appear in the documentary, along with his widow Lisa Niemi and brother Don Swayze.

“Patrick had something about him that was very rugged,” says Moore in the trailer, “but that also had that beautiful, gentle, sensuous ability to move.”

“He charmed everyone,” says Lynch. “He’d find a way in, and make you just fall in love with him.”

The film also tackles Swayze’s profound athletic abilities as a gymnast, ranch-hand, ballet dancer, and mixed martial artist, all of which made his untimely death to pancreatic cancer in 2009 all the more tragic.

“He’d be bubbly and fun, and then as soon as he’s by himself and alone, he would just crash,” says Niemi, who first met Swayze when they were teenagers at his mother’s Texas dance studio.

I Am Patrick Swayze premieres at the San Antonio Film Festival on August 2nd before airing on the Paramount Network.