‘Watch Dogs Legion’ Trailer: All of London is ready to pwn the Powers That Be. Yeah, pwn!

Okay, I’m going to be upfront: I’m pretty fucking annoyed that the entire cast of Watch Dogs 2 has been jettisoned. That said, I’m really intrigued by the prospect of a goddamn Watch Dogs game where you can recruit anyone, and permadeath is a thing. Plus, them going full-cyberpunk aesthetics is always an effective, but cheap ploy to give me a boner.


As leaked by Amazon UK last week, the next game in Ubisoft’s hacking adventure series is Watch Dogs Legion, due out March 6, 2020. It’s based in London, allows players to recruit and control a massive array of non-player characters and looks pretty amazing. Check it out.

In a gameplay demonstration of Watch Dogs Legion that kicked off Ubisoft’s E3 2019 press conference today, the player hopped between different recruited operatives to perform different tasks. There are characters good at infiltration, some better with full-on combat. In the mission shown, players are attempting to recruit a character who can handle drones, useful for a future mission.

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This legion that players are building is in response to the threat of a growing totalitarian regime. The characters walking the streets of London are the stars of the game, fully-voiced characters with extensive back stories. Players can form their own team as they see fit, from street gangs to secret agents. It sounds like a huge amount of programming work.

You can watch the entire Watch Dogs Legion gameplay demo in the video below. We’ll have impressions of the game in action soon.