‘Halo Infinite’ Trailer: This son of a gun is a launch title for the next Xbox, which arrives Holiday 2020!

Here’s a trailer for Halo Infinite! The game is a killer launch title for the next Xbox, which is arriving Holiday 2020.


Microsoft finally showed off some more footage for Halo Infinite—a weighty name for the sixth major game in the 18-year-old franchise. Halo Infinite will launch on Windows 10, Xbox One and Xbox’s newly-announced Project Scarlett console fall, 2020.

Rightfully so, Halo fans were very curious about what the actual game would look like. Today’s trailer was still more CGI animation, and this time, featured an apparently stranded UNSC soldier on a space ship reanimating the Master Chief. We didn’t get a look at the gameplay, unfortunately:

Microsoft’s January announcement trailer for Halo Infinite was a little nature documentary-meets co-op shooter, complete with ambient violin sounds and birds-eye-view shots of stampeding rhinos. 343 Studios is making the game, which studio head Bonnie Ross said in an interview with IGN is a “spiritual reboot.”