Weekend Open Bar: Goodbye & Goodnight To Thirty-Five!

weekend open bar goodbye and goodnight

How’s it going, friends? Me? I’m about to put a cap on the wonderful age of thirty-five. How was the year? Some good. Some bad. Another year of sucking wind, and another year of having my health. Thus, it’s hard not to feel grateful as I hurdle into the back-end of my thirties tomorrow.

I’m in the best shape of my life. Mentally, physically, and as a teacher. Yet, oh does Entropy ever whisper in my ear. Quietly passing along the irrefutable axiom, “all of this is borrowed.”  Eh, what can you do, you know? Spend the time with friends and family, purpose and appreciation.

One of the things I like to do? Spend every weekend with you mofuckahs here at the Open Bar! Pass the siesta hanging out. Sharing what we’re up to. The books we’re reading. The thoughts we’re thinking. The fetishes (be or sexual or material, erotic or aesthetic) we’re fetishizing.

So, come hang out with me! Quickly, help me ring in my perpetual race towards personal heat death!

This is Weekend Open Bar!