Weekend Open Bar: Happy Halloweekend!

weekend open bar happy halloweekend

Happy Halloweekend, dick heads! Today, my students informed me this weekend, is in fact, Halloweekend. The more know you. I mean, college students use any reason to get hammered. That said, I imagine this will be a weekend of revelry for many, whilst dressed up like assholes and toolbags.

I mean that lovingly, of course.

I’ll be dressed up as well, of course.

But when I’m not fucking around dressed as one-half of the greatest tandem ever?

I’ll be hanging out here! How’s that for a fucking segue, folks? Here, at the Weekend Open Bar! And, I hope you’ll join me too! Tell me, what are you up to this weekend? Dressing up? Watching some Castlevania? Playing some Red Dead Redemption? Rubbing yourself in your latex “Halloween costume” in front of the mirror, muttering quietly about butter and penetration?

Tell me! Confess your activities! Confess your desires!

Come hang out!