‘Star Wars Resistance’ Trailer: Here’s some glorious X-wing action to pique your interest

At the very least, the action in Star Wars Resistance looks fucking hot. Will I watch it? Probably not. I just, I just got too much other shit to get to.


Our first look at Star Wars Resistance set up the basic premise of a Resistance spy operating out of an island that’s home base to a team of hotshot racers. But this new look at the Lucasfilm animated series gives us a much better idea of the bigger picture around Kazuda Xiono’s new mission—and the brewing war set to come between the Resistance and the First Order.

Released today, the extended trailer gives us a bit more insight into the pilots Kaz (Christopher Sean) will now work alongside in his new mission to keep a check on whatever the First Order is up to in the shadows of Unknown Space. But it also gives us a lot more action as conflict between the Resistance and the First Order starts really ramping up.