Weekend Open Bar: Salt + Charcoal

weekend open bar salt and charcoal

Salutations, fellow denizens of the Space-Ship Omega. It is I, your over-caffeinated, mentally-compromised captain! Why, when I’m not hurtling us into the gaping maw of echo-chamber buffoonery, talking about my own dick (and how it pumped, oh did it pump for the Doom Eternal gameplay), and generally embarrassing myself, I like to open up the Open Bar on the weekend! I know, oh do I know. I’m infrequent these days. Apologies all around. Here, here. Take a moist, poorly-wrapped candy from my pocket. Here, here. Take an I.O.U, redeemable for approximately one brutal high-five and chest-bump.

That said, I’m here now. Apparating into the room, like Dr. Manhattan. Pantsless, like Dr. Manhattan! Not as emo, though. Oh, no. For a god he certainly kvetched, no? I bring well-tidings, and an imploring plea!

Join me here at the Open Bar! Spend the weekend hanging out with me, hanging out ideally with others, as well. Share what you’re up to the next couple of days. Going to see Henry Cavill’s objectively perfect body punch shit in MI:6? Spending fleeting moments with loved ones before the next World of Warcraft expansion rips you away? Eating too much? Doing all three, like me?

Let me know! Let us know! Pop off your pants, pop down on a chair, and whittle away the weekend with me.

This is Weekend Open Bar!