‘Halloween’ Trailer: Michael Myers is back and Laurie is ready

Halloween is one of my Carpenter blindspots. Now, now, I know what you few OLers are thinking: another fucking classic movie Caff hasn’t seen! But, that’s not the case. I have seen it, just not in a hot minute. So, I don’t really know how much justice this reboot trailer does the original. That said, I fucking enjoy it. So there’s that?

Entertainment Weekly:

In the new Halloween reboot (out Oct. 19), Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her role as Laurie Strode, who, 40 years after she and Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) battled the psychopathic masked killer Michael Myers, remains a deeply traumatized woman.

“For a lot of people, out of sight, out of mind,” Curtis said when EW visited the set of director David Gordon Green’s film earlier this year. “For her, out of sight, out of her mind. Michael Myers is her sole focus. Because she [knows], the same way Loomis knew, that Michael Myers is a threat — and no one else seems to take him so.”

While Laurie may be a troubled soul — as seen in the film’s new trailer — Curtis seemed to be having a blast playing Strode in the film, which effectively acts as if the many previous sequels to John Carpenter’s 1978 horror classic never existed.

“The vibe here is the same as vibe as 40 years ago,” Curtis told EW. “David Gordon Green and [cowriters] Danny McBride and [Jeff Fradley] and their cameraman and their sound mixer are all best friends. Everyone who’s come here has come here to honor Halloween 1978. The prop master, Mick Flowers, did The Revenant. He did the f—ing Revenant! Do you know what I’m saying?”