‘Luke Cage’ Season 2 Clip: The Bulletproof Man Carries the Weight of Harlem

I love Luke Cage. I hated the second half of his first season. So, I’m optimistically agnostic about the show’s second installment.


We’ve seen Luke Cage at his low and high points, but a new clip from the upcoming second season of the Netflix drama shows the Hero of Harlem somewhere in the middle. Played by Mike Colter, Luke is too famous to hide out in the back of a barber shop, and that means he needs to talk to the people he’s sworn to protect. And they all have opinions on how he could be doing his job better.

“My cousin’s getting smacked around by the cops because he’s got dreads,” one woman says. “You need to handle this, Luke. My little sister can’t even sleep at night!” another guy adds. Luke can hardly cross the street without running into a neighbor who needs his help.