‘FLCL’ Season 2 and Season 3 Trailer: It takes an idiot to do cool things!

FLCL is really returning, folks. Jesus Christ, an artifact a seriously bygone era is back in my life, and it’s a bit hard to accept. But, these trailers and actual release dates help.


FLCL (pronounced “fooly cooly”) is coming back for two more new seasons — Progressiveand Alternative, respectively — this year on Cartoon Network’s Toonami, and we finally have an official a trailer showing them off.

teaser announcing the new FLCL was revealed at Anime Expo 2017, though not much other information was released. Pink-haired Haruko will be making a return, but she’ll most likely be the only familiar face. The official trailer shows off another sleepy town with a new cast of characters joining Haruko on this adventure, like a girl with cat ear headphones and another wearing a four-leaf clover hairpin. We might even expect more giant robots and aliens than before, as glimpsed towards the end of the trailer. Production I.G. (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex) and Studio Bones (Fullmetal Alchemist) will be the producers behind Progressive and Alternative.

FLCL Progressive will debut in June 2018, and Alternative will air the following September.